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Countdown to Mentoring even


New Era (Mount Zion) mentoring program 8/24-8/25

Our Mission

The mission of The Triad Basketball Academy of Greensboro is to enhance the life skills that our youth need to reach their goals. Triad Basketball Academy primarily leverages the game of basketball as a medium to focus on leadership and community engagement while encouraging a commitment to academic success through mentoring, skill training, hard work and various enrichment programs.  

About Us

The Triad Basketball Academy of Greensboro was established in 2015 by Jason L. Keith. Mr. Keith. Mr. Keith is an attorney and small business owner in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Triad Basketball Academy was founded under the vision to use the game of basketball as a medium to enrich the lives of kids through relationships, community service, community outreach and education. Triad Basketball Academy teaches skills in basketball that are also transferable and applicable to life.  The Academy seeks to mold leaders, challenge our youth, expose them to complex situations, encourage higher education and help them grow while providing them the resources to navigate through tough situations. The Triad Basketball Academy is much more than just basketball.